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“The entire system is being reworked,”: Godinho Senior officer

The state government has decided to bring three major amendments to Goa Panchayati Raj Act in the upcoming assembly session to address the issues of waste management in villages, to allow MLAs and zilla panchayat members to participate at gram sabhas and to rationalise house and commercial taxes in villages.

During the last assembly, MLAs had raised the issue that at some gram sabhas they were asked to leave the meeting, so we will amend the act to allow MLAs and ZP members to participate in discussions at gram sabhas, he said.

A panchayat will work with a block development officer to get rid of the garbage. “The entire system is being reworked,” Godinho said.
Senior officer said that the panchayats department had noticed that some panchayats don’t collect garbage in the state.

There are 191 village panchayats in the state. Once amended, there will be a provision to penalise a panchayat that fails to collect and dispose of the garbage in its area.