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Three Days Lockdown from Friday to Sunday

GOA: As citizens readied themselves for the three day lockdown from Friday to Sunday, serpentine queues of buyers were hard to miss. People seemed to have resorted to  panic buying for the second day in a row in a bid to stock up on vegetables, especially since horticulture outlets are going to be shut.

“No one of the (horticulture) outlets will be allowed to open. We have informed our suppliers from other states to suspend operations until Monday. Due to panic buying, most of the outlets managed to sell majority of their vegetables,” chairman of the Goa State Horticulture Corporation Ltd, Pravin Zantye, said.

He said that vegetable supply will normalise Monday onwards. Buyers purchased grocery items, oil and biscuits in bulk, said Netty Fernandes, manager at the one of the Panaji-based outlets of the Goa Sahakar Bhandar.

“The government has not come out with any notification about the closure of grocery stores. We are not sure if we are to operate or not. We have therefore allowed customers to purchase bulk quantities of the perishable goods,” Fernandes said.

 The News 24 Goa