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To Discontinue Visits Central library Requested Readers

GOD: In the wake of the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in the state, the state’s central library, which had opened its doors to the public in the first week of June, has now requested its readers to avoid unnecessary visits.
The newspaper and magazine section, reference books section, study rooms and other sections have been cordoned off once again.

“Only special requests will be entertained so that the number of visitors at the library will be restricted,” curator Carlos Fernandes said.
“However, writers or researchers, who need to refer to material can be allowed,” he said. “Readers can also coordinate with us via WhatsApp or email for this purpose,” Fernandes said.

Based on the availability, the librarian will inform the reader. After that, the library staff themselves will fetch the book to be handed to the reader.
The library had earlier sealed its door to visitors almost ten days prior to the nationwide lockdown in March. After two months, readers could borrow or return books from the lending section after it opened in May.