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TTAG taken objection for Michael Lobo’s statement

GOA: The trade body, travel and tourism association of Goa (TTAG) has taken strong objection to minister for science and technology Michael Lobo’s statement that unregistered hotels be allowed to sell their rooms on travel portals.

“We wonder who the tourism minister of Goa is?” TTAG president Nilesh Shah said. Lobo had told reporters on Saturday that the chief minister has agreed to allow unregistered hotels to start taking bookings directly through travel portals.

Shah said that, at Friday’s meeting, the industry was assured that the tourism department would take firm action against all illegal operators. “Ajgaonkar told us that he will stand by the tourism department and no political intervention will be tolerated. The next day, we have the statement by Lobo. I can’t understand where we are heading,” Shah said.

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