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Union Ayush minister from the private hospital

GOA: Union Ayush minister Shirpad Naik’s health is improving and he is likely to be discharged from the private hospital where he is undergoing treatment this week, four weeks after he tested positive for Covid. “If he has no fever for the next 48 hours and no other complications, he will be discharged on Tuesday or Wednesday,” clinical head at  manipal hospital, Dr Shekhar Salkar said, adding that he has not had a fever for almost a fortnight now.

“He will require oxygenation at home too and arrangements are being made for an oxygen concentrator. Oxygen is recommended to prevent any long-term damage to his lungs,” he said. Former deputy chief minister Sudin Dhavalikar was discharged. Three of Dhavalikar’s brothers continue to receive treatment at the private hospital. Two are fit for discharge.

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