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Woman battling cancer and diabetes succumbed

GOA: Over a month after testing positive for Covid-19, a woman battling cancer and diabetes succumbed, Deprived of insulin and a proper diet, her health deteriorated and her family had to shift her to a private hospital. But the damage was already done. The death, relegated to another statistic, found no mention in the state government’s daily bulletin on Covid-19. But medical professionals say it presents yet another reason why the state government needs to conduct an authoritative and thorough audit of Goa’s covid strategy and deaths.

Perturbed over the sharp increase in Covid-19 cases and the deaths, now 204, doctors and researchers recommend the state government needs to assess and analyse the spread of the pandemic in the state and prepare a death audit. “Detailed data on deaths should be released, so that doctors and researchers can learn. It will also help other doctors treat patients and save further lives,” said pulmonologist and former president of the Indian Medical Association – Goa, Dr Anil Mehndiratta. As of now, the government dismisses most deaths as “comorbidities”.

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