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will Coronavirus stay on clothes ?

Yes, we are talking about the deadly Coronavirus, the virus that is seemingly undying as we struggle to live with it. While the biologists and scientists are working overtime to find the right vaccine, people across the world are trying their best to fight the pandemic and one question that often arises is can it stay on clothes?  

Well, since it’s hard for the virus to survive on cloth, it’s not necessary to wash clothes as soon as you come back but if you are a healthcare worker, then you have to put them for laundry.

The CDC recommends that one should use the warmest water setting when washing clothes and dry out clothes completely post washing them. After drying them in the washing machine’s dryer, simply hang them under the sun to dry out naturally. And, if you’re still not sure about how safe they are, simply pack them in a back for 2-3 days prior to using them so that the virus dies out naturally.