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What are the Symptoms and preventions of cancer ?

There can be many kinds of cancer like skin cancer, lung cancer, stomach, oral cancer, blood, protate etc. and the symptoms vary depending on the kind. 

Cancer is the generic term used to describe a group of disorders caused by an abnormal, uncontrolled multiplication of cells, which usually resulting in the destruction of neighbouring tissues. Gradually, these tissues and organs stop functioning and death may occur. The reasons for cells to start multiplying is unknown in most cases.

Since cancer is a group of disorders, there are some terms commonly used in the description of the disease like, Oncology, Tumour, Malignant , Benign, Carcinoma, Sarcoma. 

Cancer in the brain may have symptoms like headache, vomiting, difficulty in walking, paralysis and memory problems. Tumours of the intestine can present problems in bowel movements and pain in the stomach. Lung cancers may be manifested by difficulty in breathing and cough. Cancers of the breast are detected as a painless lump. There may also be some deformity of one or both breasts in some cases.

In case blood is passed in stools or cough, the patient should see a doctor. For confirmation, a biopsy of the affected organ is done. In this procedure, a small part of the tissue is taken for laboratory testing to detect the presence of cancerous cells.In case of cancer of the lungs, liver, stomach or intestine, an X-ray or ultrasound of the area may be taken.

Treatment is most effective if the cancer is detected early. Chemotherapy is the most common method of treatment for cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. In this procedure, the malignant cells are destroyed with the help of powerful chemicals like methotrexate and vincristine which are given intra-venously i.e. directly injected into the veins.