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Internatioal yoga day : 21st june

International Yoga Day: Yoga is different from all other routines for a simple reason. If you feel pain, you’re usually advised to rest. Not with yoga though. Wherever it hurts, do some asanas for that particular area, and you should be up and running in no time. Yoga has truly got countless benefits, its an extremely holistic workout for the human body, as it has a profound impact on the mind and body alike. Very few workouts can claim to be as effective as yoga. When it comes to body pain, it can strike anywhere and at anytime. This Yoga Day, we are going to talk about yoga asanas that can offer relief from body pain.

 From expensive gym memberships to intermittent fasting, we’ve tried it all. Not being regular with one’s work out routines doesn’t help either. Hectic professional schedules, late-night binging manage to make the task a herculean endeavor. But the key is to get back to it, no matter how much you sway.

Yoga can not only help you lose weight and get toned but also to improve your strength and endurance, build immunity, and increase flexibility. Here are some asanas you can try in your journey to weight loss and achieving a mind-body balance.