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coronavirus pandemic has crippled People financially

The coronavirus pandemic has crippled many, financially. Migrants, taxi drivers, motorcycle pilots, small shop owners, among others, took a beating during the national lockdown. Some of them looked at alternative jobs, but nobody seemed to think of doing what a globe-trotting seafarer did.

In November last year, Fernandes signed off from a cruise liner and planned to join another one four months later at the Miami port but the pandemic ruined his dream.

“I rode my two-wheeler to Betul jetty to buy fish and then sell. I never thought what others will think of me. I had to think about my family. My wife is expecting our baby and I am in need of money,” said Fernandes.

“I received my joining letter on February 10 and was waiting to join the passenger ship on March 22. The worldwide lockdown shattered my dream,” said Fernandes.

“Since I bring fresh fish and sell with a small profit margin, I am able to finish the day between 9 and 10am. The remaining time I spend with my wife and help her with household chores,” said Fernandes, who will continue with his new business till he gets a call to board a ship.