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What to do if you have high blood sugar level ?

If your reading comes high, think of what you ate last night. You might have a had a glass of orange juice, which you normally don’t. So, next time when your glucometer shows a high reading, try and remember what you had last night. Keep noting down these triggers and avoid them next time.

It’s not always the food that can trigger your blood sugar level. Sometimes, too much stress or anxiety can also trigger your blood sugar levels. Do not overexert yourself. Stress is bad and we all know that. And if your glucometer is showing a high number, that means its time to relax.

If one morning your blood sugar readings come out to be too high or too low, it’s okay. But if your blood sugar reading is high/low every morning, you need to talk to your doctor.An isolated high or low reading can be ignored but a consistently high or low reading should be immediately informed to the doctor.